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Legal hr

System Legalhr is an application for company personal agenda recordkeeping, designed primarily for state and public organizations.


Organization structure in a given application is a set of basic classification characteristics reflecting content, relations, decision-making authority and segmentation of organization elements inside the organization structure. It provides an opportunity to define the department structure, displays the number of structure levels and the input node of the structure, details of the selected object, view of organization structure tree and data print and export options.


It describes main activities which should be performed at a given position. This module contains the options to define specific positions within the organization structure, to set qualification requirements, to define work tasks according to the labour catalogue, to define the range of work activities, classification by salary bracket, assigning an employee to the given position, etc.


Rapid society development compels every organization to react promptly to all these changes, and also in the sphere of human resources we notice the shift in requirements on employees from formal qualification (e.g. a given level of education) to informal qualification. It means an optimal combination of knowledge, skills and “correct behaviour” necessary for mastering of the required work activities. However, by what means can be informal qualification determined and recognized? For this purpose there are so-called competency models where individual requirements are defined by means of competences. A competence is always related to some activity therefore it presents itself on observable level of behaviour. As a base of competence models we selected professionalism (work competence) which comprises expert knowledge and quality of work. General competences and social competences were set as other key competences. At competence model for managers they are further classified into partial competences which are always supplemented by a specific description of behaviour. For every position it is possible to define a competency model with required level of detail and use it as basic information for employee assessment.


The aim of employee assessment system is to improve management of human resources, to accomplish higher level of comparability of employees´ performance and targeted use of educational activities (on the base of employees´requirements). The aim is to collect as much information as possible on the assessed employee, to review the results of his or her work, to fulfill competences necessary for performing work activities at this position and to assess his or her qualities, attitudes, manners and behaviour. It is a source of information which can be used on a long-term basis during employee´s development. This system allows to perform periodical employee assessment and self-assessment according to the set level of competence models. As a result of assessment form we obtain employee´s strong points, suggestions for his or her improvement and proposals of further professional development. The position descriptions, competence models and system of education are in interrelation to the main system.

Application samples

LegalHr screenshot LegalHr screenshot LegalHr screenshot


  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server