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Legal DeReg

DeReg (Debt Registry) is a system designed for administration of a huge amount of debt data. It is designed for companies dealing in recording and recovery of debts.
These companies will discover in DeReg a robust tool, where it is possible not only record data, but also automatically recover debts by means of pre-defined processes.
Typical client is an attorney office which at the same time serves as a collection center for a large company with a wide portfolio of receivables.

This system is designed to enable transparent and controllable process of debt recovery. Users are guided step by step, so the chance of human failure is eliminated. It is always necessary to set the application according to the needs of individual clients and adjust it to the needs and specific requirements of various users.

The system allows to perform mass operations on groups of selected instances. For example, it is possible to generate a letter from the template or submit a mass proposal for issuing a payment order just by one click. The arduous paperwork related to communication with debtors, courts, executors and other interested parties is therefore eliminated.

DeReg can be interconnected with other external systems, so we are able to ensure unmanned data sharing bypassing the chance of human failure.

By using DeReg system you obtain mainly:

  • Better overview of debts within the scope of the organization
  • Simplification of paperwork
  • Speedup of debt recovery process
  • Increased efficiency of debt recovery
  • Better supervision on the recovery process
  • Centralization of debt data within the scope of the organization

Application samples

DeReg screenshot DeReg screenshot DeReg screenshot


  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server