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We offer to our clients consultancy on solving any issues concerning information technologies, process management, system implementation, etc.

Strategic consultancy

We are able to help our clients with decision-making at determining the development strategy in IT sphere and at implementation not only of our systems, but also of the other supplier´s systems.
We serve as independent consultants at tender evaluation, at implementation of new technologies, etc.

Process management

Every company which nowadays wants to expand effectively, sooner or later has to face the need of management and monitoring of its internal processes.
Our analytics are able to detect all redundant or superfluous activities in the company and propose their optimization. We always base it on the individual needs of the customer or his sphere of business.

Technological consultancy

Nowadays it is possible to use for the solution of one problem a wide range of technological variations and it is not always easy to decide correctly. Even nearly identical solutions can conceal slight differences which may consequently affect the operation of the whole complex.
We are able to offer our clients a rich experience in various technologies. So we can help to detect the optimal solution without a risk of incorrect decision straight in the beginning.

Why use our consultancy services?

  • We have a extensive experience in ICT
  • Our specialists work in this profession for many years
  • We monitor all modern trends in ICT
  • We always strive to find an optimal solution with regard to client´s preferences


Systém pro správu pohledávek středočeského kraje

Pro krajský úřad středočeského kraje vyvíjíme systém pro správu a podporu vymáhání pohledávek.

Cílem projektu je zavést centralizovaný systém pro správu pohledávek pro všechny příspěvkové organizace, aby mohly být efektivně vymáhány.

Správa a vymáhání pohledávek městské části Praha 1

Pro úřad městské části Praha 1 ve spolupráci s advokátní kanceláři Dáňa, Pergl & Partneři dodáváme komplexní službu správy a vymáhání pohledávek.

Cílem projektu je s maximální mírou efektivity a rychlosti zajistit správu a následné vymáhání pohledávek podporované systémem DeReg